New Prosecutor Appointed in Treyvon Martin Case

Late afternoon yesterday, Gov. Rick Scott appointed a new prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case. He along with state attorney Pam Bondi appointed Angela B. Corey of Jacksonville.

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Sanford Police Chief Steps Down For Now

Just now the Sanford Police Chief announced that he is stepping down temporarily from the Trayvon Martin homicide investigation. The city of Sanford hired a public relations firm who advised them to hold regular press conferences. The announcement was made at the first such meeting.

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Trayvon Martin Case: Vigilante Justice is Never Justified

The people making the worst comments online don’t live here. They don’t realize that there is a lot of crime in the neighborhood in question. I don’t know if Zimmerman is a Citizen on Patrol, but if he is, he was doing exactly what he was supposed to do UNTIL he engaged Martin. He absolutely crossed the line when he did that. Fallout from this situation will result in even more people unwilling to do neighborhood patrols.

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Florida Judge Rules in Favor of Public Employees

March 6, 2012TALLAHASSEE – Circuit Court Judge Jackie Fulford ruled today in favor of the Florida Education Association in its lawsuit on public employees’ mandatory pension “contribution” and reminded Gov. Rick Scott and the extremists in charge of the Legislature that a promise is a promise. Last year, the Florida Education Association filed a lawsuit seeking to stop the 3 percent tax on teachers, school employees and other workers imposed by the Florida Legislature and signed by Scott.FEA President Andy Ford hailed the decision as a significant victory for public employees, but as importantly, for the rule of law in our society. “The judge’s ruling confirms that the Florida Constitution requires the state to live up to its promises, including those made to the public workers by the state itself,” Ford said.

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3 First (Worst) Teaching Days – #1 – Riverview, NB – If I Could Only Make it There

A teacher for over 8 years and in various schools around the country, my journey was filled with happiness, laughter, fear, nervousness and countless other emotions, often at the same time. Students have a unique way of touching your heart, driving you completely insane, and making you proud all at once. The first day of the school year can often set the tone for the entire year. It can be a stressful day naturally, but when you add a first day curse things can get out of hand. I’ve experienced the craziest first days during my career; including no heat over night in -50 degrees, going to the hospital with a concussion, and not making it to work because of a freak storm disaster. They are powerful enough to make you question entering the teaching profession altogether. Follow me on my first days of disaster and teaching.

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Antique Extravaganza at Renningers this weekend!

Once again it’s Extravaganza time at Renningers. Wares range from outsider art to the truly antique. Charley Coleman of Presidio Arts of Floyd, Va has a collection of  ”Outsider” and American folk art made by physically, mentally, socially or otherwise isolated artists. He can be reached at 540-250-0239.

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Robert Waterhouse Executed Last Night

Robert Waterhouse Executed Last Night.