Why VAM is Even More of a Scam than I First Thought

As someone who is not comfortable living life on my knees with duct tape over my mouth (you may have figured this out by now if you have been reading this blog for any length of time), I am not comfortable working on an annual contract.  Teachers must be able to voice their concerns about administrative decisions that harm students without fear of losing their jobs. Eliminate continuing contracts and a culture of complacency, sycophants and fear will rule the schools.  Senate Bills passed in state after Race to the Top state have included VAMs as a major portion of teacher evaluations all in the name of “Student Success” and “Educational Excellence” when in reality they have been immaculately designed to end the teaching profession as we know it and free state and districts from career teachers with pension aspirations. Some may brush me off as your typical history teacher conspiracy nut, but my daddy didn’t raise no sucker. VAM is a scam.

via Why VAM is Even More of a Scam than I First Thought.


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One response to “Why VAM is Even More of a Scam than I First Thought

  • movingonmyown

    It’s not any better here in Indiana. The laws that are somehow making their way through DUMBFOUNDS me! It’s like they WANT the education system to fail completely :/

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