Preparing for the Trial of Thomas J Lafoe

One week fror today, we’ll most likely be hearing the opening arguments in the first degree murder case against Thomas J Lafoe for the murder of Jeffery Norton. The whole thing seems surreal at times. Can this actually be happening? I feel a plethera of emotions all jumbled together. I’m angry, sad and in shock. This can’t be happening. But it is.  I can’t let myself get too angry or I won’t be able to write. I wonder if I’ll actually be able to make sense of this thing just to write about it. It seems impossible that I need to write this at all.I am thankful for the people who will there as witnesses for the prosecution and in the courtroom as witnesses of the trial. We’ll figure this thing out as we go, I guess. The prosecution sits on the right side of the courtroom and the defense on the left. Once you enter the doors to the courtroom, we are subject to the rules of the court.

via Preparing for the Trial of Thomas J Lafoe.


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