Casey Anthony Owes Florida More $

The amended order filed this afternoon covers expenses incurred by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office — the agency that headed up the search for Anthony’s daughter Caylee.According to the order, Anthony is responsible for reimbursement of the expenses because she “provided false information as to the location of her daughter” and made “other misrepresentations to law enforcement.”

via Casey Anthony Owes Florida More $.


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3 responses to “Casey Anthony Owes Florida More $

  • Hilde

    It shouldn’t be a problem for Casey to pay up, her Mother Cindy can always come to her Rescue, like she always has. George and Cindy I would think made enough with the Dr, Phil Interview, no matter what they said, they got paid. I have no Sympathy for Casey, she put herself in that Situation she is in. She is lucky she didn’t end up in Prison for Life.

  • John

    Wonderful news! Regardless of whether or not she is indigent and cannot pay.her name is ruined financially in the United States. Also, NOT paying court judgements can result in probation violations!!

  • JanCorey

    I expect Florida will never see even a single penny from Casey, except for the monthly probationary fees of about $20 per month for a few more months. Sort of like the court-rulings against O.J. Simpson where he was court-ordered more than once to pay back millions and millions, and even though he had access to that much cash, nobody ever got a penny. Casey has been deemed indigent by the state of Florida and now they are ordering her to pay the state quarter of a million dollars? Will never happen, and I suspect when she starts making income again, it will be directed through another person, like Baez perhaps, where that money will remain un-recoupable by the state. Casey wins again, is that the Justice for Caylee we have all been waiting for? How embarrassing for the state of Florida again, just ridiculous imo.

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