Cheney Mason Flipping off an AP Reporter


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8 responses to “Cheney Mason Flipping off an AP Reporter

  • Jennifer Ravese

    He is a complete and utter slob and i just love how his victory speech included a whole lot of nothing about the reason they were in that courtroom for 6 weeks. Her name is Caylee but I guess he forgot. What a disgrace.

  • Lon McNeil

    You either believe in our judicial system or you don’t. It has nothing to do with emotion or whether or not you like or dislike defendants or attorneys.

    I just love the way everyone thinks they know better than the 12 people serving on that jury. Face it, the state of Florida over-reached on the charges, and did a lousy job of prosecuting the case.

    Mr. Mason may have behaved badly in public, but the DA behaved badly in court! His faces, his snickering, and his laughter, showed just how unprofessional he was and probably had an effect on the jury. I hear he has decided to retire. At least Mr. Mason knew how to act in court.

    And I am very tired of all these self-righteous people saying they want “justice” for Caylee. That’s not true. What they want is vengeance, thanks to a self-serving news media that hyped up this case just to boost ratings and sell advertising.

    What if Casey did not kill her? Would it be justice to put Caylee’s mother to death because the media and it’s slavish viewers demand it?

    Give it a rest people. The case is closed and Casey has been found not guilt by a jury of her peers. That’s how our court system, the greatest in the world, operates!


    I found it interesting that in his rant about this “victory” (ie miscarriage of justice), he bashed TV lawyers for talking about this case when they knew nothing about the case and what scum TV lawyers are….all the time while HE is using the TV to promote himself….what a class act….hope the jury sees this photo of him…

  • Stefeni C Heyerdahl

    No words can describe such unprofessional behavior. Mason should be made to give a public apology to the world on ALL NEWS outlets and should also be penalized by the FL Bar Association. Are all FL Attorneys this ignorant? He totally flipped off not only that reporter, but all who watched and can see this photo and stated to me with this gesture, “So what if my client is guilty; “F” you”.


  • Lindy

    I am a Chaney Mason fan.

  • Lon McNeil

    Well, it look like lynch mobs and alive and well in this ‘Christan’ nation….

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