Casey Anthony Prosecutor Jeff Ashton & Coyotes: Missed Opportunity

But knowing dogs, I don’t think dogs are so likely to bury a skeletonized bone. I’d think they’d be much more like to dig one up and leave it {animal scattering} somewhere. Poor Dr Bock. She ended up looking like an idiot when it wasn’t really her all her fault. After all, she’d been given incomplete information by the defense. But back to Ashton, grilling her on stats on dogs burying human bones as opposed to digging them up and scattering them would have been priceless.

via Casey Anthony Prosecutor Jeff Ashton & Coyotes: Missed Opportunity.



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2 responses to “Casey Anthony Prosecutor Jeff Ashton & Coyotes: Missed Opportunity

  • Larry Lockee

    Yes dogs do bury human bones, and also coyotes do the same. The prosecutor Jeff Ashton doesn’t care if Casey is guilty or not he just wants to win. He loves the tv cameras. He is a self centered sob. I have been on many juries of murder cases and I can tell you right now they are many jurors on this case right now that hate Jeff Ashton.

  • M. Carr

    Dear Mr. Jeff Ashton,

    Your behavior seemed unseenly when you constantly made sarcastic faces as well as comments toward defense witnesses as well as never referring to Caylee as other than a body. You interrupted constantly during Boaz’ defense and could not stop rolling your eyes and laughing inappropriately every chance you could. This was percieved as a ploy to avoid real evidence. It seemed you were more concerned with beating and ridiculing the defense rather than presenting the evidence.

    The spectator who shot you the finger should have told you to maybe show some more professional behavior. I have never seen a prosecutor act more silly during a death penalty trial. your disrespect for the seriousness of a dead baby and a death penalty trial may have changed the verdict.

    You seemed more concerned with the game playing in order to “win”. Jose Boaz deservered more respect than you showed him.

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